The world's most advanced student planner

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See all your upcoming classes, events, homework, and exams


The world's most advanced student planner

What you will get

Complete enrollment management
Detailed calendar
Document library with integrated web browser
PDF rendering, annotating, modifying, and exporting
Homework/Grading organization
Many more smart features
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Organize your education

Calendar and Course Management

Studyguide is a powerful tool that will help you master your daily schedule as well as chart the entire course of your higher education. You’ll start by organizing enrollment—institution, term, and course. Then you’ll create a structured management system for each course, including instructors, class dates, assignments, grading, and documents. Completed your degree? Studyguide is ready for the next challenge in reaching your educational goals!

Library and Viewer/PDF

All the documents needed for each course are organized in one place. New material can be added easily through iTunes, Camera Roll, audio/video recording, or the integrated web browser. Everything—documents, PDFs, images—can be opened in the Studyguide universal viewer. Integrated PDF functionality lets you view and annotate documents, and even create, delete, and reorder pages!

Homework and Grading

Log assignments and monitor progress for each course. Easily toggle between views for one course or an overview of the entire term. Set due dates and reminders—with notification/prioritization options to meet your needs! Gauge the average grade for each course by tracking assessments and applying your personal scaling system.

Powerful PDF features

One viewer to rule them all

Open all your files on the device with the integrated viewer. Thanks to the rich PDF support coming with Studyguide, you can open even large files blazingly fast, search them, change viewing mode, set bookmarks, and annotate (highlight, note, pencil, shapes, stamps, etc.). You can also export any kind of file as a PDF and annotate it afterward.

Modify PDF

For enhanced editing of PDFs we developed the powerful Modify PDF feature. In this dialog you can easily delete unnecessary pages simply by selecting them, move pages by drag and drop, and create new pages by inserting them at the desired position.

Shortcuts for selected features (requires internet connection)

When you select a word in a PDF document in Studyguide, besides the the usual options you can instantly start a direct Google search in the embedded browser. Or choose Wikipedia or automatic translation of a foreign language text.